Mockup posters design


Mockup designs for various posters: advertising fictitious events or serving as a typographic composition.

Two versions of an experimental typography poster.

Made in 2021, these posters are themed around the letter “g” and aim to use it merely as a visual element, depriving it of its significance by incorporating various parts of the letter separately. 

They are also a experimentation on the use of positive and negative space as a compositional device.

Mockup poster for a university event

This poster was made in 2022 for an event about Development Cooperation, it was merely a mock-up project and wasn’t used to actually advertise such event.


It focusses on highlighting the important information while keeping a sober appearance befitting the importance of the event.

As an accent, breaking the sober ad geometric composition, there is an irregular river of Forget-me-not flowers, which once again offer a subtle reminder of the event’s importance.

Mockup poster for a jazz festival

This poster is a fake advertising for a fake jazz festival which was made in 2018.

Unlike the previous ones, for this composition I decided to embrace the romantic nature of this supposed festival and moved away from the minimalist approach I usually take on.