Screen printed fashion


Garment inspired by the fluidity of water and screen-printed images obtained through water-marbling techniques to further solidify this concept.

Designed, printed, sewn, modelled and photographed by Chantal Tello García.

The design is inspired by the movements of water, with its transparencies and fluidity.

I wanted to add a tactile and sensual component to it by using puffy ink and different fabrics to give the finished product a variety of textures but without breaking the cohesion of the different elements.

I originally planned to make a satin bodice, which would be sewn to the chiffon top and shorts that would be placed under the half skirt.
However, I opted to combine bodice and pants into a stretchy tube dress for cohesion and comfort, and leave the chiffon sleeves as a separate element. This makes for a more versatile design, as the different elements can work together or separately.

After I had selected my fabrics, I made some printing tests with different inks on all of them.

When that was done, I made the pattern pieces to my measurements and got to cutting the fabric.

The next step was to prepare the images I would be screen printing, which is to say the ink marbles.

Example of two of the finished marblings:

I screen printed the fabric pieces before sewing them together, to ensure there would be no bumps in the final print.

I used stretch fabric and puffy ink for the dress, chiffon fabric (and a satin ribbon) and acrylic paint for the shirt and a combination of all of my fabrics and types of ink for the overskirt. 

Moreover, I cut the skirt pieces with laser to give them the exact shape I desired without fearing the edges would tear.