Window display mockup


Mockup proposal of a window display for the Tiffany&Co store located in The Galleria department store in Apgujeong, Seoul, South Korea.

After studying the brand’s history and their target audience: mainly highly affluent upper-middle and upper class women between 30-55 years old, with gift-givers composing 70% of their customer base, I personally went to The Galleria (Apgujeong) to get an understanding of how the window display for this particular location looks like in real life.

The Galleria East 1F floor plan (Tiffany&Co circled in red)

Due to the department store’s configuration, there isn’t much space in between the stores which is why the window displays are small and meant to be seen from very up close.

My design is inspired by a romantic walk in the park during the fall (this mockup was made for that particular season).

I drew inspiration from Tiffany&Co’s “Secret Garden” spring window display (Fifth Avenue Flagship Store, New York) and the Fall/Winter 2014 Season Opening window displays of the STEFFL Department Store (Vienna, Autria).

This window display is meant to be paired with different light configurations as the day progresses, offering an evolving appearance that can be adjusted to best match the desired mood.